Strings are available in an extensive range of colours along with black, coloured and clear serving material.

They are made with BCY X string material. Servings used are BCY Halo, BCY #3D and 62XS Serving Material.  

Give us a call or email to place a order for your new custom made Bowstrings!!

Prices - String & Cable Sets

Single, Two colour, Three colour or Streak Freak set $125
5 piece sets (G5 or Monster etc) $20 extra

• String/Cables built               STREAK FREAKby BCY, Served with 3D or Halo

• String/Cables built with X 
• 22 Strands of a dominant color
• 2 Strands of a minor color
• You can choose any colors you like.
• Double Streak-Freaks use the same concept, but has two minor colors instead
• Outlining Streak-Freaks are two major colors, and one minor outlining one of the majors.
• The center of the string will be tagged for you to aid your final setup.